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Tarot Readings for Pets

Yes, you read that right. Tarot readings can be done for pets, as they have their own souls and conscience which can be connected with Tarot as the medium. In fact, I have been doing tarot readings for owners who are trying to understand their pets, as well as owners who are trying to find closure from the death of their pets. However, Tarot readings for the deceased pets can only be done within 3 months of their death.

And just two days back, I'd lost one of my old dog and it broke my heart. Since yesterday, I've been wanting to do a reading for him, especially to find out whether he got any last messages or wishes wanting to be fulfilled. However, as my state of mind has yet to recover, I knew I'm not ready and not capable to do the readings then.

My Questions were these:

1) Has he moved on to another realm? (or Doggy Heaven)

2) Does he have any last messages to leave behind?

For the first question, the answer is both yes and no. Yes, he had moved on to a place with bright blue sky and he's back to the healthier him. Yet no is because he is still tied to what he viewed as his treasures in this world - that includes his never-ending love of food and snacks, and his memories of love, cuddles and joy. He want to continue safekeeping this joy of his, understands that when he truly moved on, he will need to leave all of these behind. He know he don't have much time left before he truly leaves for good and thus wanting to hold-on until the very last moment.

For the latter question, he said he has served his purpose and achieved his soul's goal. He had faced emptiness and desolation yet found happiness from chance encounter. He's only regret is that he didn't feel he had enough of food (sorry boy, you had to be on diet for your joints kay). Nonetheless, while he had left, memories remained even if it can't be seen. And, still much regrets about the snacks (excuse me, but my dogs always have obsession towards food and snacks).


When I look at the card, I understand what he's talking about - as he joined the family when he's around 2 years old and refused to follow his owner back. Even though he is Baby's child (our adopted retriever), we gave him away to be adopted by a family friend. He was sent over for a short holiday as the family was away for vacation for couple of weeks. By the time they came to get him, he refused to leave and refuse to acknowledge the owner. It wasn't til much later that we realized he wasn't treated well, which resulted in his sensitivity toward loud sounds and sudden actions. That explained his message about emptiness and desolation as it is related to his feelings of betrayal.

While I've gotten my closure, sadness will take time to heal, I know. Since he's buried in the backyard, I guess I'll just leave some snacks as a gesture (even though I know the monkeys will be thanking me on this) and hope that he will find his closure too.

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