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What are Dreamcatchers?

Dreamcatchers were theorized to be originated from the Ojibwe tribe of Native Americans. It were traditionally made with love by the elders as they used it as talismans to protect sleeping people, usually children from bad dreams and nightmares. In summary, many Native Americans believes that dreamcatchers are spiritual tools that are used to clear energies in rooms, and also as personal talisman to protect one from negative energies.

Dreamcatchers are more than just a trinket or a pretty decoration. For me, along with many other psychics and metaphysicians, dreamcatchers are spiritual tools that we infused with good energies to, as well as to ward off negative energies. It had to be made with care and love, as it is highly sensitive in absorbing the energies and thoughts of its maker. Thus, it is important to know where your dreamcatchers come from, and where it's made.

Here at D' Lemurian Mermaid Tarot, each dreamcatcher is made with love and care. These dreamcatchers are spun with attention to details and then, infused with energies - and thus known as Energy Dreamcatcher by D' Lemurian Mermaid Tarot. Each dreamcatcher comes with a note of instructions on "How to Utilize Energy Dreamcatcher in Achieving Your Wishes". Customization based on preferred color and charms is available with an additional fee, for more details do contact me directly at 017-318 3590, or send me a message at WhatsApp through

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