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Full Moon & Crystals

If you own any piece of crystal, this post is for you! Crystals are believed to contain energy of Mother Earth, and thus helps us in our daily life by giving us an extra boost of energy & confidence. With that said, it means they will get drained too, and thus need recharging of its energy every now and then. If you have browse over some crystals' pages or websites, you will notice that there will always be a line or two saying that these crystals needed to be charged under the Full Moon to maximise their energy or benefits. Go on and Googled up 'Crystals & Full Moon', there will be quite a number of posts explaining about this. And oh, if you are an avid gardener, you too could search up 'Full Moon & Gardening' - this is a fascinating read 😉 Also, you may want to consider adding some crystals to your plants as its believed to boost their growth & health!

Anyway, back to the topic. So reason for this posting is I believe (or should I say, I know), not everyone is able to place All your crystals under the Full Moon all the time. For I'm one of them. I have too many Crystals deco pieces, it's just too much hassle to bring them out. Safety is also an issue, as I worried they will get stolen or broken by my pets if I leave them out through the night. Long story short, here is the TWO methods that I use to ensure that they get charged without me moving them about.

1st Method : Through meditation & visualisation

You could place your crystals surrounding you as you meditate, or just leave them in their usual spots. Either way is fine. While you meditate, once you get into your calm state, imagine the Moon is shining bright in the sky, and its light is reaching into your home, your space. Picture the lights bursting through the solid walls and shining it's light unto each piece of your crystal. Imagine your crystals absorbing the bright light filled with Moon's energy. Continue on until you feel it's done, then end your meditation. Yes, this works - because in metaphysics, we believe that our minds are amazing, for they can connect to higher consciousness as well as transferring messages & energies to and fro from the Universe. And this is one of the methods used for setting intentions as well. (Tips: if you find it hard to meditate, just count backwards from no. 64 - repeat from beginning if you miss any number. Keep at it until you reach a state of calmness.)

2nd Method : Prepare container & fill them up with water

Prepare any container (it could be a bottle, a jar, a bowl, or a pail) and filled them up with water. Then proceed to leave them outside to get the Moon energy through the night. This will then be your 'Moon Water'! You can use this water to give a water bath to your crystals the next day, or to just place the 'Moon Water' into a spray bottle and spray this 'Moon Water' over your crystals. Tada! They will be charged as well! In my case, I always add a piece of Herkimer Diamond into the spray bottle, as Herkimer is believed to further energized the crystals. This is my 'Two-in-One' Solution!

Hope you find these useful 😉 And if you are a Moon person, you could also meditate under the Moon yourself so that you could absorb the goodness of the Moon for your being ❤️ Cheers and have a Moony Night!

With love,

Jackie K


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