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How Can Tarot Help Me?

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Many people who are new to Tarot always ask me this, “How can Tarot help me?” or “What can Tarot do for me?”. Firstly, to know whether Tarot helps is to understand that Tarot is a medium or a tool to connect to our Higher Self (or Self-Conscious) and the Universe (or also known as the Higher Power) to give you guidance in your everyday life issues. Tarot is not a ‘fortune-telling tool’ as many believe in, instead it is often use to give you an idea of the result based on decisions you would have made (think multiple dimensions, where each decision leads to a different ends) and well as to untie any inner conflict that was left unresolved from the past that affects your current life.

Also following from that, some also ask whether it’s ‘safe’ to use Tarot as some believe and heard that it is the related to the Demons (or Devil) or an occult. To explain this, I will refer to my earlier explanation that Tarot is a ‘tool’. A ‘tool’ is a neutral instrument, however depending on how one uses it, it can be of help to others or it can be used as a demonic tool. In short, this is highly depending on the tarot reader on the route they choose – which is why some tarot readers can help and guide their clients to light while some tarot readers can cause their clients’ energy to go haywire which leads to even further depression and dark thoughts. This is also one of the reasons why I always advice clients and potential clients to find out more about any tarot reader by asking them questions to get a grasp of their energy and work, before enlisting them for tarot reading. Knowing their work will also help you to get a gist on whether the tarot reader is able to help you in your circumstances. As each tarot reader is different, the work they specialize on differ as well. For example, some tarot readers focuses on past lives, some tarot readers are able to use Tarot to dispel dark magic, some are like my mentor who does especially well in helping others to discover and understanding their life purpose in this life journey, while my work are directed more towards solving issues, understanding the options or choices before decisions made as well as seeing the bigger pictures in issues – I was told I work like a psychologist by my clients as they find me calm and comforting without judgement, and this is where my strength lies.

**Of course, there are so many decks that are available in the market – some are of light, while some are darker in theme. Themes are quite relative to the energy of the deck and the tone of the deck as well, where words connections made with Universe could go either encouraging or sarcastic. I particularly dislike demon/devil related tarot as I highly disagree of using them in my work, however some people may be able to handle them, so who am I to judge if they know what they are doing. Those who have been following me would notice that my dogs are highly related to animals, fairies and ethereal creatures as they are what I’m comfortable with. More discussion on decks will be made soon in a new post!**

Some clients will ask me this after their reading, “Can you help me make the decision? What should I go for?” especially when the matter is related to relationship or when they can’t decide for themselves. And I usually answer them in the same way, saying “I have lay out the ground for you by explaining what you will go through and what you will end up with for each of the choices available to you. Now you must ask yourself which of these choices relate most to what you want to achieve at the end of the day. I’m here to provide guidance and possible solution, but not to make your decision for you for it is your journey at the end of the day. Your journey is your own responsibility.” Also, by making your own decision, you held the power to ensure that it works out for you in the long run. After all, no matter what decision has been made at that point of time, it is your following actions to follow-through that will ultimately help to define the result of your choice. I highly believe that “Destiny is in our hands” for we shape our own future. Think about it, there are so many dimensions of possible future, why not make a choice and move towards the one that you want?

And to end this, before you seek for a Tarot Reader, you must first find out “What am I looking for?”. For any Tarot Reader to be able to help you, you must have an idea of a question that you are seeking answer for. As long as there’s a general idea, any good Tarot Reader will be able to ask follow-up questions to find out the main issue that’s bothering you, even if you weren’t as certain at first. If you go to a Tarot Reader and expect them to know your question when you don’t, by the end of the session, you may feel that your time is wasted as nothing is gained. Tarot Readers are not mind readers *wink!*

I hope you find this post useful in getting you started in your first tarot reading experience. Or if you had bad experience before, I hope this could help you in finding the right, genuine Tarot Reader for your future appointment.

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Have a great tarot reading experience!

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