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Tarot Tuesday

It's Tarot Tuesday! Find out the Universe's Message for you for the week of May 14th - May 20th, '19.

First of all, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.

Once you feel that you are centered, pick the card that you feel most drawn to.

The messages will be revealed further down.


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The Messages

1. Focusing On One

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all that's going on currently? It is time to make a decision on what's more important at this point for yourself, than trying to hold onto everything hoping that it will work out for the best. When one is too greedy, sometimes you will end up losing grasp of the initial opportunity that you had. It is better to keep focus instead of trying too many things at once. Also, take note of your own health especially on matters related to the stomach.

2. Building Relations

You are very focused when it comes to your goals and the things you do, which garners much admiration from people around you. However, this somehow made you more aloof when it comes to dealing with people's relations. This will be detrimental to your career progress as when one move forward, relationships with colleagues and managers will be one of the factor for job promotion. So take this time to work on your charisma and connections around you.

3. Focus On The Current

Let bygones be bygones. There's no point in focusing on things that has passed as there's nothing that you could do to change the outcome. What passed can only serve as lessons and reminder so that it should not be repeated. So focus on current opportunities and matters that need your attention instead. Else, it will just be a constant cycle where you kept reminiscing the missed opportunities without getting anything done for yourself.

Tarot / Oracle Deck used - Tarot Shadowscape

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