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Tarot Tuesday

It's Tarot Tuesday! Find out the Universe's Message for you for the week of May 7th - May 13th, '19.

First of all, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.

Once you feel that you are centered, pick the card that you feel most drawn to.

The messages will be revealed further down.


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The Messages

1. Making A Decision As A Team

To make an unanimous decision for a group of people with different mindsets is indeed difficult. However, it can be achieved when all of you agreed in reaching a specific goal that is beneficial to all parties involved. In order to do that, everyone need to be frank and sincere in the discussions for it to move forward smoothly. If there's no trust in this collaboration, then what's the point of working together in the first place. That will be a question to ask when in doubt.

2. Have A Clear Mind & Be Firm

It is often difficult for most others to make a clear judgement when it involved self interest, family well-being and even for sake of career growth. As to manage everything in a balance so that none will end up disadvantage or hurt requires perseverance, clarity of thoughts with a sincere heart. You may find yourself somewhat faltering along currently, but have faith in your sense and the Universe's guidance. To allow a moment of indecisiveness that cause a downfall due to a deceitful person is not worth it.

3. More Opportunities Incoming

It is time for celebrations! After a long wait, your wish and hard work finally bore results. It is especially fruitful for you as this will further help you along your journey, be it in career or life as it will bring forth more opportunities for you. Just remember how much you did to get this far and don't take things for granted else you may end up losing your way and your work.

Another reading is that if you have been working hard to have a child (be it through pregnancy or adoption), you will be hearing good news within this year itself. A heartfelt congratulations in advance!

Tarot / Oracle Deck used - Tarot Apokalypsisw

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