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Tarot Tuesday

It's Tarot Tuesday! Find out the Universe's Message for you for the week of Apr 30th - May 6th, '19. This week, I will be using the "Kuan Yin Oracle" as it vibrates the most supporting and loving energy. The message will mainly be from the Oracle itself, with a little snippets from me. Enjoy the positive vibey week!

First of all, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.

Once you feel that you are centered, pick the card that you feel most drawn to.

The messages will be revealed further down.


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The Messages

1. Creating A Synergy / "Sisters of the Sun Arising"

Sometimes it is difficult to work with people with very different personality and thinking, but this type of teamwork usually do create the best result once you guys understand and work well together. Accept the differences and talk through your disagreements. Assumptions usually create unnecessary frictions which could be easily resolved through discussion. Be more open and receptive to ideas.

Message from the Oracle:

"You are a highly creative being with the ability to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects and dreams. Remain open to other souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising, who bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavors, when you allow for aligned group effort, wonderful things can happen."

2. Efforts Bearing Fruits / "The Book of Changes"

Finally, your past efforts are showing result! It is okay to take a small breather to relax and enjoy the fruits of your success. Just remember to pick up your pace right after and continue to work even harder!

Message from the Oracle:

"Just like a beautiful but unusual melody, the dine plan is unfolding through your life, although it isn't always predictable! Kuan Yin is guiding you in the right direction. Even if you do not fully understand what is happening in your life right now, allow Kuan Yin to bless you with trust in the unfolding of your own divine path."

3. A New Beginning / "Turquoise Lotus Mother"

You have learned and grow from your past hurt. You will soon finally found your answer in one of these days on removing this shackle and continue moving forward. You will learn to see past the hurt and understand what you are meant to learn and grow from. Embrace the new you and move forth with love and gratitude towards all the supports that you have received.

Message from the Oracle:

"An old pattern is finally ending. You are to be lifted from your struggle, freed from a weight of the past. You have learned all that you needed to learn, and now it is time for relief, release divine protection and the happiness of a healed heart and peaceful soul."

Tarot / Oracle Deck used - Kuan Yin Oracle

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