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"Unicorn"-theme Energy Dreamcatcher

This is a piece of news that will definitely garner huge excitement for those who loves colors and the Magic, for Unicorn represent these two segments very well!

Now how did I get started on this design for dreamcatcher? Reason is very simple, I just really really REALLY want to please my nieces who are located overseas. They are my heart, my moon, my sun and my stars... (excessive auntie's love). The girls had been going crazy over unicorns for a couple of years now, and I wanted to do more than just buying them a unicorn-related toys. So I found myself some unicorn dreamcatcher images in the net and tested my work one after another and after another, til I finally succeed in a week! My version of success is the dreamcatcher being able to pass my requirement (I have very precise expectation of things that I made, a perfectionist here!).

With my gifts to them being a success, I've decided to spread my wings and have them being sold here as well. As I have yet to take "acceptable" pictures of my work, I will only be accepting order through Whatsapp and FB at the moment. They will be updated on the website store before 25th of April. Here are some of the details:

Size in Width & Length : 20cm x 40cm

Choice of Main Colors : Blue, Pink, Purple & White

Priced at RM220, free delivery for whole of Malaysia

Again, I would like to emphasize on my dreamcatcher works are not just for decorations, they are infused with energies of blessings with guidance from the Universe. I've received good feedback from clients, for which I'm extremely thankful for. For more information on how my energy dreamcatcher works, please visit this link here.

I will be updating on the delivery fees for Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Australia, Japan and Korea too - once I've gotten the price listing from the agent. Yup, I'm excited that my works are spreading over the sea!

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