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Tarot Event at Setia Eco Glades

Event by : SP Setia

Location : Setia Eco Glades

Date : 16th February 2019

This marked my 2nd event collaboration with SP Setia @ Setia Eco Glades for their CNY celebration! The only difference this round is, I get to share the stage with my good friend and mentor, Nikalaos from Just Within Reach, Malaysia!

Reading for event can be quite stressful and tiring, especially since it a 4-hours straight work! As fun as it is, by the time I'm done, I usually collapsed for at least 24 hours back home (oops!). Which is why I am grateful to have someone like Nik to take turns with me. Other than it lifting the stress, it's more fun when you have company!

Also, I must shout-out my thanks to the Flamingo Event Team for managing the visitors to our tables so well the readings were a breeze for us, and helpful to the visitors. To the lovely girl and handsome guy who was with us, you know who you are! (Mainly cos I have really bad memory in remembering names ><)

And to all the visitors who received their readings from us both, we wishes that you find clarity from the readings and find it helpful in deciding your step ahead! Do remember, whatever we have said is meant to serve as guidance as well as to clear the clutters in your mind that are preventing you from making a decision. We very much hope you've receive clear understanding of your underlying subconscious thoughts as well as Universe's advice for you. Always remember you are in charge of your destiny and decision is always in your hand to take!

For those who would like to find me to read for events, do contact me at 017-318 3590 or email me at If you want to have personal readings done, visit my service page here.


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