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Tarot Event at Setia EcoPark

Event by : SP Setia

Location : Setia EcoPark

Date : 26th January 2019

Again, I'm grateful for Nik and SP Setia for another year of collaboration work! It's always a blessing to have a partner during reading events as it is less hectic and having someone to help-out for photography!

With that said, I am also very grateful to SP Setia for their staffs amazing work! Things were organized timely and visitors are managed very well, this help us to stay focus on the person we are reading for. A big shout-out to a sweet girl and a handsome boy (sorry dearies, I have trouble remembering names!) from the event team, thank you for your hard work and great smile all along! Having people with positive vibes to work with is always a great bonus!

Through this event, I realized there still much to be done on my end when it comes to introducing TAROT to the mass as majority understanding towards our work are not in tune yet. So I'll do my best to do more write-ups or video-talks on this. Still, I'm especially grateful to some visitors as they help me realized some new things on how I can work with TAROT in helping people better. Learning something new everyday is a blessing indeed!

To end this, thanks again to Nik and SP Setia, as well as the Universe for all these great experiences. Have a blast of a Chinese New Year, y'all!

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