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Tarot Event at Gamuda Kundang Estates

Event by : Gamuda

Location : Kundang Estates

Date : 27th January 2019

First event with Gamuda and once again, my collaboration work with Nik! He's a master of his craft and being a senior in the field, I am grateful that he always thought of me whenever an event pop up.

As this is a pretty last minute arrangement, there wasn't much preparations needed, other than looking pretty and making sure I brought my tools along! As this was done outdoor, I am thankful that we were blasted with hot sun or facing a shower of rain. Woohoo!

This is a pretty small local event, so we charged a small fee of RM15 per one card reading and RM30 for three cards reading, as well as showcasing my dreamcatchers at a discount! Despite the cold response from the visitors (it's a location and target market issue), we still managed to get some business done!

But it wasn't all bad! World is so small that I found out that Nik's ex-colleague is actually my junior in high school, and we even share several mutual friends. We made friends with some guys from another booth and it was a jolly day. And of course, it ended with me having a dance-off with God of Prosperity (laughs). Small event but we had meaningful time spent! Sometimes, we just need to find the small joys to make our days brighter! So, wishing you readers to receive big angpaos of happiness and wealth this coming Chinese New Year!

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