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Learning is Endless

With the end of Venus Retrograde in early November, I can finally breathe in relief as it marks the end of the emotional roller-coasters and endless mood swings to the constant "Gah! I don't want to do anything" *and plopped myself to the bed for all eternity*. While most people don't really feel nor notice much of what's going on around them, but the tension was sky high especially for me and fellow spiritual practitioners. I can especially feel the tension lifted on Full Moon itself, as it marks that Venus Retrograde was coming to an end.

And of course, that means I've finally gotten to work on my metaphysics knowledge! After all, it's more than just Tarot for me. Other than books that I've picked up on Spirituality, Intuition, Astrology studies, I am also working to understand the basic of Numerology (I found Benebell Wen's writings especially helpful in getting me started, and it helps that I really love her vibes) and pushing myself to finish Qi Men Dun Jia by Joey Yap (I was lucky enough to have a good friend offered me the course, it indeed was an eye-opener that helps me to reaffirm my own convictions and understandings, even if I don't entirely agree with some of his pointers).

I find Numerology especially fascinating as it's similar to Astrology Birth Chart but with more focus on one's inclination in life, while astrology is detailed in personality traits, strengths and weaknesses and possible troubles (since the time of birth is needed for precision). In astrology, planets, houses, sun and moon placements are used in the detailed explanation of our possible characters in every aspect. Yet Numerology, just using the calculations of our birth-date, is able to go into details on similar revelation. While studying its' basics, I also went to to have my birthday analyzed and I found myself nodding in agreement based on what had happened, and the place I'm currently in (present time). It's fascinating since our name is also taken into account for the calculation. At this point, I'm not sure whether I will go in depth to understand Numerology, but one thing for sure, the basic has kept me pretty intrigued.

On the other note, Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ) focuses more on soul refinement and using study of Feng Sui in a personalized manner, to converse with the Universe and Higher Self (or Spirit Guardian) while understanding our present life in the Universe. Here, I find many similarities to my own understanding of the Universe and energies. Overall, it is also a discussion on utilizing the energies around us to help us achieve what we want, also to take note on our mindsets and thought processes for it will affect how we view situations and its possible solutions. While I do not agree with Joey's ways and thoughts on us demanding the Universe to comply with our wishes using QMDJ, I find the contents, studies and detailed analysis are undoubtedly good and helpful - it is definitely something I can incorporate into my work once I'm confident with my skill and when I've found my ground.

I intend to cover even more topics for my self-enhancement mainly because I believe there's never an ending to truly knowing the Universe, nor can I ever finish studying and say I know everything as it is for knowledge is really immeasurable - there's just no way to cap it.

Besides, I found my mind constantly going into endless topics but I've trouble keeping the tab on what I want to write. So I feel that this is indeed a good start!

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