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Tarot Tuesday

It's Tarot Tuesday! Find out the Universe's Message for you for the week of Nov 13th - Nov 19th, '18.

First of all, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.

Once you feel that you are centered, pick the card that you feel most drawn to.

The messages will be revealed further down.


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The Messages

1. Managing Love & Life

Being in love is a wonderful thing. To see the world in a different light, and to notice things you have never notice before around you. This week I see that you are very focused on your other half. In the good note, both of you will understand each other better and coming to a comprise over things you have fought over. In the bad light, you are both so smitten with one another (in extreme manner, it will be considered as possessive or obsessive over one another) to the point that everything that's happening around you are being disregarded. For this period, it is time to learn how to balance your attention around each other, to managing things happening around you to avoid missing opportunities and losing your momentum.

2. Taking A Breather

This week will see you enjoying the results of your hard work. You will be enjoying the quiet bliss and taking this chance to just enjoy the pace in work and life. Of course, you will not be completely free as you are still bound by your responsibilities and this will keep you mindful of things along the way. During this time, pay attention to little things in life - such as love and concern for closed ones and spending some time to enjoy your passion or hobbies. Do know that even in bliss, there are also lessons to be learnt and important memories to be made.

3. Sometimes, It's A Matter Of Perspective