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Tarot Event with Venusys Medical @ Chaze Tropicana

Event by : Venusys Medical

Location : - Private Event -

Date : 22nd July 2018

I started my day feeling extremely excited and jumpy. This isn't my first event reading, yet it seems each event is my first every single time. The sleepless night, the crazy heartbeats in the morning... Even I'm amused with myself *laughs*

Once again, a shout-out of thanks to my mentor and business partner, Nikalaos for arranging this event for me. With his experience and guidance in working with companies for their events, make things a breeze for me. For that, I am extremely thankful!

As this event by Venusys Medical is a private event for their clients, the reading done was actually pretty fascinating as I covers for their clients as well as their staffs (doctors included). Conversations with the Querents (people who seek answers from Oracle) are good and I'm glad to receive great feedbacks from them. And giving readings especially for a few made me smile from the bottom of my heart, as I seen the happiness and positive vibes from the cards and from themselves. Also, as Tarot is still relatively unknown or mysterious to many, I've received many questions on how do I know just by looking at cards (I know right). All in all, good conversations and great reading time!

Also, a shout-out of thanks to Akmal (one of the event's staff) for being such a dear and helped me snap the photos. Such a sweetheart!

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