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Event in Setia EcoPark

I was given another opportunity to work with SP Setia, and this round for 2 days with my pretty sister-of-the-hood, Mato!

Having someone to work together definitely make it more fun, and also I was exposed to a much gentler reading style (she's a complete softie, I'm telling ya) while I'm usually on like a energizer bunny!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, this basically just sum up everything as a whole (lol).

Anyway, to summarized both days, here goes nothing!

Day 1 - we were both buzzing with excitement as we have not officially read together, but this is a real deal! For once, I was able grasp readings from her "Dreams of Gaia" deck and I goes, "whoa!". This deck has always fascinate me, but I found it a wee difficult to really understand. But seeing how Mato does her reading, it does make it easier to then grasp how the deck works! Also, with our exact opposite style, it does helps us to complement each other when it is needed. And we were very lucky that we didn't get overly exhausted as the flow of Querents was at a "just nice" pace!(On the other hand, the event in Klang really tested my limit as I read for 4 hours without stopping!)

Then day 2, met even more lovely and sweet people! Even though mostly have never been exposed to Tarot before, I am very grateful that they are so open and accepting towards our practice :) That itself provide us with so much encouragement to continue with our work! So if you guys are reading this, thank you again!! Which is why despite we suppose to end our work by 4pm, we decided to continue reading for another 2 Querents who were waiting much earlier before to continue the good vibes we have received!

To end this, thank you all Querents and staffs of SP Setia for making this into such a lovely working time for us!

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