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Event in Trio by Setia

My second event with SP Setia, this round located in Trio by Setia, Klang. Once I reached the location, first thought is "Uh uh, open air. I'm dead." for I have a serious problem with heat (and yet I was born and raised in Malaysia, sometimes I really think that I've chosen a wrong country *lol*).

Luckily, being too busy reading and talking to people - with me rushing my sentences and having the need to cut off some customers (cos again, time limitation) despite them still wanting to share and talk. I had to tell them to contact me personally for an extensive reading, since mostly just needed to really take their minds off things. And definitely, this round. I was more efficient when it comes to timing, compared to the first round.

However, it's definitely more tiring this round as I was just done with my bridesmaid duty at 3pm. So I was definitely running on pure adrenaline. Which is why I'm more thankful and grateful that this went well too.

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