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Event in Setia Eco Glades

I had my first event with SP Setia yesterday, located at Setia Eco Glades, Cyberjaya. It was so exciting!!

I met many people - and most don't really know what Tarot is as they are mostly the older crowds. Explaining how reading is done, and at the same time rushing through the reading isn't easy. I was given only 5-7mins per customers, but for some cases, I had to take up to 15mins due to language barriers.

The younger crowds are much more easier to talk with, of course. And they are also more receptive to comments and advises. I know I did a good job 'cos they kept coming back with their friends and families :)

To go 4 hours without any break, is very exhausting (nope, I didn't get to munch or toilet break at all). So 1 event down. Another 1 to go!!

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