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What 2018 will brings - short preview by Joey Yap

Hey fellas!

I attended a short one hour Bazi reading for year 2018 by Joey Yap (hosted by UOB Bank & Prudential), so I decided to share what I've learnt, as well as to recap the show.

Joey Yap is a very charming and humorous speaker, really catch your attention with his words as he say it as it is. And some stuffs are pretty on point.

Now why do I share this here? Because Feng Shui is basically metaphysics. It's similar to Astrology as it uses the Universe, planets, sun and moon in its reading as well.

Before we start, register yourself at Joey Yap's Bazi Profiling & Life Chart. Then fill in your birth details for it to automatically tabulate your Bazi for reading.

Below is a sample of how the Bazi looks like. It will be a total of 2 pages. If you don't know your time of birth, on the Natal Chart - the Hour column will be missing and also there will be some differences in some areas of the reading. Which is the same as Astrology reading itself.

For the best understanding, do print out the copy and scribble on it. And as mentioned that this is a super brief session, we will only be utilizing just the Natal Chart area.

Okay, here it goes!

First to know, there's FIVE ways for you to succeed in the Year 2018!

Firstly, luck. Luck symbolizes your energy, your optimism, abundance. People who are happy, highly optimistic about ideas or futures, will attract good energy, which will turn into luck. If you are someone who's quiet, hidden, pessimistic, fret not. Luck can also be from the energy of the people that you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with happy optimistic people to boost your happy mode, as well as to have their luck rubs off on you!

Secondly, skill. The definition of skill in this area is job specific. Either in managing numbers, communicating with customers etc.

Thirdly, knowledge. Knowledge is having or knowing the info that we need to make decision, or to move forward. Having knowledge will help you make strategic and applicable decisions, whether in your business or in your career/work.

Fourthly, vehicle. Are you in the right platform to utilize your skill and knowledge? If you are skilled and knowledgeable in tidying the accounts or administrative details, however you are in the sales department, how will this help you to move your career forward in 2018?

Finally, environment. Environment is controlled by Feng Shui, which is a very external element. Let's say all the former from Luck, Skill, Knowledge or even Vehicle is missing or all wrong for you, well, you still got Feng Shui to help you out in year 2018.

Moving on, year 2018 in Malaysia provides a balanced opportunity to all FIVE elements in Feng Shui - Fire, Metal, Earth, Wood and Water. This means that every business will have equal opportunity to succeed based on the placement of the Universe and planets!

Okay, now we are going to move into the Natal Chart area. One important thing to know for year 2018, there will be TWO elements playing the strongest parts in attracting luck = abundance. Wood and Fire elements are boss of year 2018. Followed by Earth element, which will help out as well. The more of these three elements you have your Natal Chart, the smoother and better your journey in year 2018 will be.

To do this, make sure you circle your element for better view / understanding. Example below:

Now, I'm showing off my Natal chart for abit. Hahaha!

So if you can see above, I'm doing it in such a way so that I can grasp an idea of how the year will be for me. So yesssss! First excitement is here!

And then moving on, we will be looking into why assets is important. I know, it's Feng Shui, why are we talking about assets. But as Joey puts it, he's entrepreneur and a businessman, this is just some sharing on his side. By the way, the images are pretty grainy. So bear with me please.

For those running their own business, it is important to build on your ASSETS (Water). With assets, you will be able to sell it and thus, turning it into SALES (Metal) point - which in return, will give your the PROFIT (Fire) which is CASH (Earth). Then use these cash to either:

1) Enrich your SELF (Wood) skill/knowledge, or

2) Build on your assets

Which both above totally make sense. If you earn money, you should do both the above in order to constantly generate the income. Also along the way, in order to change the outcome, you have to change your strategy. Which knowledge and skill will definitely come in handy.

Also, the elements sequences or explanation below are only applicable for Malaysia according to Joey. This is because the main element for Malaysia is Earth.

Earth element will represent cash for year 2018.

1) Earth in TOP PANEL => means that everyone can see you have money, basically mean you spend like no tomorrow

2) Earth in BOTTOM PANEL => means that no one will know you have money, cos you save money so well!

If you have alot of Earth element in the bottom panel, you will need to see if your savings can outrun the inflation of 4% in 2018 for Malaysia (predicted by the bank). If yes, you will have a good run. So watch your money!

However, if you have NO Earth element or whatsoever in either Top or Bottom Panel, it means that you will not have any cash in hand / cashflow issue. There's 3 ways to solve this:

1) if you are tied down by stocks, try to get rid of all your stocks to ensure you have cash to prepare yourself ahead

2) collect all debts

3) *sorry, can't remember this one.

Do all the 3 before Feb 4 2018, as that's when the Dog Year are moving in to prepare itself for CNY on Feb 16 2018.

FIRE element = Profits generated in 2018

METAL element = Sales - as alot of people will listen to you

WATER element = if you have alot of Water, it meant that your properties will be stuck

Okay, moving on. We will be looking into the HOUR, DAY, MONTH, and YEAR of the Natal Chart.

Year = market, industry, peers, network

Month = work performance, restructure of business, growing your business, new role at work, new job, new responsibilities

Day = personal relationship, self happiness, meaning of life

Hour = children, legacy, investment

Now, we will be looking into the placement of some of the animals on your Natal Chart, and their symbolization for this year.

First, we will look into WEALTH sector. There are FIVE animals in the zodiac this year - Ox, Goat, Horse, Dog and Monkey.

1. Ox - Moon, National Treasure

=> Having this zodiac in your Natal Chart is great for entrepreneurs as it will provides inspiration/ideas on your current business, or to start a business

2. Goat - Jade Hail

=> Assets in your hand will appreciates in value

3. Horse - Golden Chest

=> You will gain trust and support from people. If you are an artist or Youtuber that need support from people, having this zodiac means you will have fans that will support you this year. Perhaps you will see a boost in the likes and such. If you are looking into building a brand whether for yourself or for your company, you will see good successful result

4. Dog - Elegant Seal

=> You will feel more artistic and innovative this year, and also able to do more strategic decisions on businesses/work

5. Monkey - Sky Horse

=> You will be travelling, cross border to do international business, reaching new markets (overseas) and raising funds for your business

There's THREE animals in the Relationship sector - Pig, Rabbit and Snake.

1. Pig - Sky Happiness

=> if you are single, you will meet a partner or someone to share your goals/thoughts with. If you are dating, there's marriage in the picture

=> if you are married, there's a possibility of having a kid or grandchildren in the year

2. Rabbit - Grand Duke Combination, Salty Pool

=> meet alot of people, increased in network

=> there's lust in the picture due to Salty Pool. If the Rabbit appears in the Month/Year section, it will mean that there will be sex outside (one night stand etc). If you are married, to avoid unfavorable situation, bring your spouse along with you for events and such. If the Rabbit appears in the Hour/Day section, there will be alot of sexual activity at home. So if you are married, prepared for lots of action time with your spouse!

3. Snake - Red Matchmaker

=> you will be getting alot of secret admirers

There are FOUR animals in the Helpful People section - Ox, Goat, Rat and Pig.

1. Ox - Heavenly Yi

=> Alot of people will offer their help or advises to you without being asked

2. Goat - Fortune Virtue

=> You will be eating well, sleeping well, having fun and enjoying life!

3. Rat - Advisor

=> You will meet a great teacher/mentor this year. Just make sure you are receptive to their teaching!

4. Pig - Sun

=> Many people will come to you for help. It is always better to be helpful than helpless!

Finally, TWO animals in Forgetfulness sector - Pig and Snake!

1. Pig - Sky Emptiness

=> You will find yourself talks alot, but without action on your side

2. Snake - Death God

=> You will be very forgetful this year

And lastly, this will be regarding the Favorable and Non-Favorable directions for year 2018.

Activate your SOUTH EAST section of your house! Placing your work area there, or even doing your planning and such will help to generate wealth to you!

NORTH WEST is a great location for you to work, if you are looking to hiring people or finding help, as well as doing decision making.

Avoid NORTH this year as it bring problems/issues. Do not especially, sleep in this sector of the house.

Summary Annual Flying Stars 2018 (cos I know how grainy the picture is):

1 WHITE (North West / NW) - Noble People

2 BLACK (West / W) - Illness

3 JADE (North East / NE) - Arguments

4 GREEN (South / S) - Academic

5 YELLOW (North / N) - Calamity

6 WHITE (South West / SW) - Career / Authority

7 RED (East /E) - Discord

8 WHITE (South East / SE) - Wealth

9 PURPLE (2018 Earth Dog) - Investment / Promotions

I know some of the things are jumping from one section to another, but do understand, that I'm writing down based on my notes taken. Not exactly great in patching and mixing the stories!

I hope this brief is useful (at least a little). If you want to find out more, do go read up on your own ya. I'll share more if I managed to soak in even more information!

And oh, if you are a fan of Joey Yap, he shared that he will be airing sessions from his website ( to share more on the zodiac analysis for the Bazi.

Feb 8 onwards - 2 sessions in a day - 1pm and 9.30pm.

Don't miss out!!

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