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What is Tarot?

I thought I should start off the first post by introducing and explaining what is Tarot first and foremost. I'm sure many of you are curious, and yet not entirely certain of its' purpose.

For me, Tarot is a guide and a mean to communicate with the Universe. Tarot can help us to understand ourselves better and also to help us see the deeper purpose in our lives. Through communication with the Universe and our Higher Self (which I viewed as our Soul), we are able to be more conscious of our actions which will reflect our future.

Do not be mistaken, as Tarot is in no way capable of interfering with our future. It can however gives us an idea of what will comes along should we decide to continue on our action / decision.

A quick example will be how Tarot helps me in refocusing on my life purpose. For years I have felt lost and feeling depressed, as I kept feeling like there's a missing piece in my life. I knew of some of the things I wanted to achieve, but not knowing quite how to get there. Tarot helps me by reaffirming some of the things I have always thought and wanting to do, and giving me suggestions on how to get there. This lifts up the cloud of doubt that I've cast over myself these years. For once, it all clears up and everything make sense to me. This is how Tarot helps me heal and to refocus on my direction again.

If you would like to know more in details, I found this site that explains it pretty well - Beginners Guide to Tarot Cards by Brett Almond.

I hope you find these briefs provide you a fair sense of clarity. Cheers.

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