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Start Your Year With Deep Understanding Towards Yourself

The new year has finally dawn on us and it's time to plan out our goals, dreams, journey for 2019!

Some of you may breathe out in relief that 2018 had come to an end, while some of you are not feeling anything to feel excited about, perhaps due to not having anything to look forward to or having no direction to speak off. Or perhaps things are going so smoothly you have nothing to fret about!

Regardless of your feelings, how you start your year is important. Those with directions and knowing what they want, it will be easier because they know what they need to do next. Those who are lost, you also need not worry too much. The great thing about the world being so vast is that there are many tools available to help you to understand yourselves better and to give you suggestions on your next direction, bringing you closer to knowing and getting what you needed and wanted.

And today I am bringing two good news forth.

You guys might have noticed that I've been looking into numerology and such for a couple of months now. And amazingly, I've found a numerology reader who gave me such detailed analysis on my characters and attributes (with at least in 20 pages length, imagine that) that I've decided to work with her in promoting her services with me. Good things are meant for sharing! For details on how to purchase the report, please click here. If you have always been interested in Numerology or wanting to know yourself further so that you can utilize your strengths, this report will be a gem for you. Do note that other than your birth date, I would need your Full Birth Name as well as Your Current or Short Name (I would call it as nickname, such as your birth name being 'Lin Lao Feng' and 'Alena Lin' is the name you are currently going by). This is because these names will also be taken into account in your Numerology report.

And on the second news.

With the New Year upon us, I've been going around reading up and testing reading spreads suggested by other readers to prepare and plan my journey for the year. I've finally chance upon one particular spread and added my own tweaks to it. This reading will help one to unravel the lessons meant to be learned for the past year while preparing one for their journey this year, which will includes one's state of mind, relationships, finances, well-being while also giving head-ups on possible aspirations and directions for one to focus on for the year. Universe's advice will also be included to help further understand the mental, physical and spiritual needs for the year. For details on how to purchase this reading, please click here. This reading will only be done remotely. Thus upon purchase, I will send you a PDF written reading within 3-7 working days. With this, you can take your time to go through the reading and take your time to digest the information while doing some self-reflections along. However, this reading will only be available until February 15th so if you are seeking directions for the year, don't wait too long!

I hope with these two new services, other than helping you to gain more knowledge into yourself, it also will help you to utilize the strengths you have to achieve your goals and journey ahead of you. After all, with deeper understanding towards oneself and with guidance from the Universe, making decisions towards choices presented in life will be clearer then.

With this, I wish all of you a blessed New Year and may we have the strengths and perseverance to do what we need to!

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