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Tarot Tuesday

It's Tarot Tuesday! Find out the Universe's Message for you for the week of Oct 9th - Oct 15th, '18.

First of all, take a deep breath and keep yourself calm.

Once you feel that you are centered, pick the card that you feel most drawn to.

The messages will be revealed further down.


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The Messages

1. Be Prudent with Money

Having desires are naturally part of our human's nature. And given how hard one works, by spending on things we want give us boundless joy, even though this is just a short-term boost of happiness and satisfaction.

But, do watch out on over-indulging oneself this week as it could result in long-term financial burden due to spending more than one makes. Question yourself once, twice, or even thrice before purchasing something you may likely regret later.

2. A Past Making A Comeback

You will find yourself needing to face a decision that you have made in the past. While the decision was made with confidence and you being conscious of its implications then, it has never causes much of an issue all along. However, this time it will bring forth several issues which you will find yourself needing to get it sorted as soon as possible. Keep your head clear and find out as much as you can regarding the situation. Also, while the issues may seem complicated, have more confidence in your past decision and be resolute and firm to ensure these matters are wrapped up for real.

3. You Are Stronger Than What You Think