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2018 New Year Astrology Special

As I was studying Astrology, I notice my Birth Chart

descriptions of me rang several bells in my mind, whether in strengths or weaknesses.

I've come to a conclusion that should I understand myself better in the past, I would had made better decisions in sticky / tough situations.

I believe many people are stumped in progress, whether its career or relationships etc because they do not understand themselves and their partners enough. This creates frictions in their communications which leads to misunderstanding and unnecessary disappointments.

For the coming New Year, I hope many people will understand their strengths and weaknesses better with the Birth Chart report - so as they can work with their astrology to improve their situations. For a sample of the Birth Chart report, please download here.

Coupled with the Tarot & Oracle readings, it will cover several bases such as questions on personal growth, career, wealth, health, love etc - with examples below:

1) Self - who you are in the eyes of your Higher Self &


2) Strengths - what are your main strengths you could

work on / to further improve on

3) Weaknesses - what are your faults / weaknesses you

should pay attention to / what you can improve on

4) Ambitions/Goals/Business/Career - how close are to

achieving your desires, or what are you looking to

achieve in 2018

5) Ambitions/Goals/Business/Career - what actions you

can put into place to achieve Q4

6) Health - what you should pay close attention to

7) Wealth - what will be of your financial/material state

8) Wealth - what actions you can out into place to

improve your financial situation

9) Love -

i. if attached, whether you are ready to take the next step

ii. if single, whether you are ready to have a relationship

iii. if single, whether you will meet a potential in 2018

10) Love - what you can do to improve your relationship

or singles can find out what they can work on to attract


11) 2018 overall summary

12) The main event that you should pay attention to

13) Advice from the Universe

As the readings is fully flexible, we will tweak and work on the details further depending on your main concern (if any).

The readings will also be done *remotely - as I will need time and concentrations to work on your Birth Chart & to give you a detailed Tarot & Oracle card readings. Both will be given to you in PDF format within 1-3 days.

Also, as to help create and attract abundance to you - 10% of the payment for this Astrology Special will be donated to selected charity under your name. Receipts from the charity will be sent to you for your personal reference & tax rebate purpose.

To purchase this Astrology Special, do contact me either through or whatsapp me at

+6017 318 3590.

Hereby, I wishes you a blessed New Year!

With much love,

Jackie K.

Note: *remotely - from a distance; without physical contact/meeting

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