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My Reading Decks

Once I decided to be part of the Tarot world, before my class commence with my teacher, Nik, I was searching for decks available online - just my way of getting to know the options available.

Instantly, I fell in love with Shadowscapes by Stephanie Law. The gorgeous paintings that reminds me of some of my favorite mangas, and I absolutely adores the colors that she used. I had the deck in my shopping cart for weeks, but I was holding myself off as I wasn't sure I am able to handle the deck.

And yet, on my first day of class - I was beyond surprised. Nik has chosen 2 decks for me, one of which is Shadowscapes itself! I am thrilled and excited to see that we are indeed meant to be. And this deck proves to be very suitable for me - as I was able to grasps the readings almost instantly and was able to feel the connections.

However, unlike most readers, I prefer to utilize 2 decks in my readings - where Shadowscapes is to answers the questions, and Dog Tarot (my 2nd deck) is to provide advice from the Universe.

The Dog Tarot is a special one as well, as I am especially close and connected to dogs my whole life. If I am to choose between people and dog, I go for dogs (haha!). As you can see, it is not easy to read the deck with its Minor Arcana just images of bones, leashes, bowls and biscuits. However, this deck is much more straightforward in comparison to Shadowscapes, which is why it works very well in conveying the Universe's message for me.

Other than that, this deck too is able to use to communicate with our pets. Interesting, isn't it? Ever since I started in Tarot, I found myself being to understand my dog more. In fact, I'm training in using this deck to communicate with pets, and it's proven to be very fascinating. I will share more in the next post.

With this, I hope I've quench your question on what deck is being used in my readings. I've received positive feedback with readings done with these two decks. I'm looking forward to the future indeed :)

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